How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles can be a commonly experienced beauty issue. We’ve all had circles, either involuntarily (binge-watching) or unintentionally (burning your midnight oils while at work) at one point or another in our lives. The reason behind dark shadows that appear under the eyes extends far beyond tiredness and sleeplessness.

There is a myriad of various reasons why dark circles appear like eating habits, stress or diet, excessive caffeine intake, or screen time. In a nutshell: If you do not pay attention to your eyes, prepare for the dark circles that appear under your eyes.

Dark circles around the eyes result from excessive pigmentation on the face. The eyes’ skin is so delicate that it appears dark when blood vessels in the region are flooded because of inflammation caused by poor lifestyle choices or fatigue.

The seasonal allergy and nasal congestion may also cause poor circulation in the lower eyelid region which can cause dilated veins that can result in dark circles.  Read more about How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home?.

8 Surprising causes of dark circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home
How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home-Cause of Dark Circles

1. Sleep deprivation or bad habits of sleeping are among the main causes of the dark under-eye area. Sleep is the time where your skin has the chance to repair and renew itself.

If you don’t get enough sleeping habits, it increases the stress levels of the body, leading to an inefficient blood flow and a build-up of deoxygenated blood, which could cause dark circles to appear more apparent.

2. Hyper pigmentation-As we try to keep our eyes healthy and eyes, we do not realize we have skin that is less supple and more sensitive sun and the environment. A long time in the sun causes the body to produce more melanin, which can cause the appearance of dark circles.

3. Anemia– According to a study anemia was the primary health issue that accounted for around 50 percent of the dark circle. The deficiency of iron causes eye-related discoloration. If you’re deficient in iron the veins around your eyes will become more apparent.

4. Inheritance-based genes— Put it on your genes, because If your parents have dark circles, then you’re likely to have dark under-eye circles too.

5. Fatigue -The weekends that are filled with sleep, the extreme fatigue during the weekdays, or even sleeping a bit after your usual bedtime could create dark circles under your eyes.

6. Age as you get more seasoned, your skin gets thinner. It also leads to a reduction in collagen and fat required to keep the skin’s elasticity and youth. In the process, the blood vessels dark underneath the skin appears more prominent and cause the eye area to appear darker.

7. Allergies – Eye dryness and allergic reactions may cause inflammation and swelling which may then trigger dark circles. If you suffer from an allergic reaction your body releases histamines in reaction against harmful bacteria. Histamines cause blood vessels to shrink and are visible under the skin.

8. Drinking dehydration Insufficient drinking of water can make the under-eye area appear tired and dark. If your body isn’t getting enough fluids, the skin under your eyes starts to appear dull and sunk.

Risk factors:

Dark circles can cause eye aches for anyone, regardless of age or gender. But dark circles are the most frequent in those who:

  • Are in their 80s.
  • Are genetically predisposed to this disease

5 Essential Nutrients to Stay Clear of Dark Circles

Iron Deficiency of iron could cause a decrease in oxygenation of the body’s tissues. This can cause veins of the eyes that are blue to become more obvious.

Vitamin B12 It is a great way to improve the oxygenation of the eyes and helps help maintain healthy eyesight. If you spend long hours at your computer, you require vitamin B12 to prevent eye circles from getting dark.

Vitamin C helps to reduce the damage that is caused by exposure to free radicals. It also increases blood circulation and the production of collagen, which aids in restoring the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Vitamin C can also improve iron absorption by the body.

Vitamin E is often referred to as the antioxidant your skin craves. It assists in restoring the skin’s moisture, reducing skin pigmentation, and slowing the aging process.

Vitamin K assists in blood coagulation and circulation.

5 Superfoods to get rid of Dark Circles At Home

How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home
How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home-Food For Dark Circles


Red tomatoes are for a reason. How? The intense, bright red color of tomatoes is a sign of strong antioxidants, including the lycopene antioxidant that protects those delicate blood vessels that line the eyes.

It also improves blood flow to the eyes, and also reduces the appearance of pigmentation. Apart from improving the health of your eyes, tomatoes can boost your overall immunity.


Sometimes referred to as a food of beauty, it provides numerous vitamins that boost beauty, including vitamin A C E well as K. Vitamin K specifically is known for its ability to heal damaged skin, even out skin’s tone, and increase its elasticity.

Cucumber is also high in water content, keeping the skin hydrated from inside. It also contains collagen-boosting silica, as well as skin-building sulfur.


One vitamin that’s vital for healthy hair and skin includes Vitamin E. Did you know that Vitamin E is also helpful in reducing dark circles? The goodness of Vitamin E as well as antioxidants, nuts can help fight free radicals, help replenish the skin’s moisture reduce pigmentation, and reduce the signs of aging.

In addition to helping to reduce eye circles and dark spots, they aid in reducing wrinkles and puffiness that appear around the eyes.


Did you know that dark-colored circles may be a sign that you have an iron shortage? If your body isn’t getting enough iron, the oxygen supply to tissues of the body is impeded. This causes the skin to appear paler, making your dark circles appear more noticeable. Lentils will help with the iron needs of your skin and dark circles.


As children, we’ve been instructed to eat carrots in order to improve our eyesight. Why? Carrots are high in Vitamin A which makes them a perfect food to improve eyes health. Apart from improving eyesight, Vitamin A also helps in removing dark circles, and it is known to have anti-aging benefits as well.

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