Most Popular Running Shoes In India 2023

Running is a great exercise for all ages, according to medical professionals. Running is possible by having a great pair of shoes. Shoes that are comfortable can make you feel more comfortable running, reducing the chance of injury or twisting your legs.

The fit of running shoes is vital because it provides stability and grip to the tracks. Select a shoe that is comfortable for your foot. The fitting should be close to your feet being comfortably covered to ensure that you run without accidents.

If you’re planning to purchase good-quality Most Popular Running Shoes, you can find them in India. We have put together buying guide and review to help you make the right choice.

Best Running Shoes Under 2000 in India

Sparx Men’s Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

Reebok Men Flyer Lp Running Shoes

Most Popular Running Shoes In India

Sparx Men’s Sm-277 Running Shoe

The First item on the list of the Most Popular Running Shoes In India, the Sparx Running Shoes for Men SM_277 deserve to be included in our list because of their longevity and low cost.

This shoe was designed specifically for men, keeping in mind the style and comfort that is evident in its shoes.

This fashionable Sparxmen’s running shoe is made of an upper made of mesh and comes in a black shade and comes with a PVC sole and a laces-up closure.

Sparx Men’s Sm-277 Running Shoe

Key Features:

  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Closure: Pull-On
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Material Type: Mesh
  • Lifestyle: Sports

The upper mesh of the shoe is designed to allow for airflow and is lightweight, providing better comfort for your feet.

The shoe features a lacing-up closure, which provides greater stability. It features a cushioned roll collar to give more ease around your ankle. A breathable fabric lining gives an amazing step-in experience every time your wear this.

The man-made rubber outsole offers protection against impact and shoe flex provides more grip and flexibility when you run.

This shoe for running is fashionable and is designed to be a multi-purpose shoe. It can be worn with casual clothing that you want to wear for a casual gathering or formal event.


  • Variety of colour options
  • The closure is lacy-up for better fitting and comfort
  • Made of mesh material
  • The mesh is lightweight and breathable.
  • Ultra-lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • It comes with a cushioned, collar that rolls
  • Man-made rubber soles for excellent grip and flexibility
  • Created for casual use, also
  • 30 days warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • The design of clothes can be a problem for fashion-conscious people.
  • Not recommended for running long distances.

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

If it’s about lightweight shoes to run on the streets of India, Adidas is a brand that is renowned for the most demanding and high-quality shoes on the market.

The Adidas Drogo M for men is made of durable yet lightweight materials. Drogo M can be an excellent pair of shoes for running that is worth considering buying.

The Adidas running shoe has an ADIPRENE spring bounce midsole, which is paired with synthetic upper and suede. The upper part is light and comfortable.

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

Key Features:

  • Closure: Lace-up shoe
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Material Type: Mesh
  • Lifestyle: Sports

This top-quality construction not only offers the durability of the shoe but also ensures that your feet stay protected throughout your run.

It features a Lace-up closure that provides greater comfort for your feet. If you are wearing this shoe to run for long distances you will not become tired due to its lightweight design.

A soft sole, as well as the flexible outsole, makes this shoe ideal for running, walking, and everyday use. You could even wear this to train.


  • Ultra-lightweight, breathable, and high-end Mesh
  • It comes with great fitting and the ultimate in comfort
  • A casual look and an active lifestyle
  • The shoe is available with a Lace-Up closure
  • Fully flexible
  • Flexibility and no-hassle exercise


  • Not suitable for roads that are muddy.
  • It is not a waterproof shoe.
  • It soaks up water from the road, then pushes it into the road.

Reebok Men Flyer Lp Running Shoes

Reebok is the name that is on all of us when it comes to footwear particularly when you talk about running.

The Flyer Run Lp of Reebok is among the Most Popular Running Shoes that cost less than Rs.3000 in India. They look fashionable but also are comfy to put on.

The Reebok shoes are made of the finest synthetic material and the most comfortable and soft cushioning to safeguard your feet from shocks that can happen suddenly.

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

Key Features:

  • Closure: Lace-up shoe
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Material Type: Mesh
  • Lifestyle: Sports

These Reebok sneakers for running weigh 740 grams. You also receive the benefit of up to 90 days’ guarantees against manufacturing defects.


  • It comes in various sizes
  • Available in 4 colour options
  • High-end synthetic material
  • The Closure Style: Lace-Up
  • Flexible & Comfortable Cushioning Sole


  • Not recommended for people who have flat feet.
  • Sizes 10 and 12 are not available.

Things To Consider When Buying Most Popular Running Shoes In India

When you are looking to purchase a new pair of Most Popular Running Shoes for you there are a few things you need to take into consideration that will assist you in picking the best pair of men’s running shoes to be found in India.

Like everything else purchasing the best type of high-quality running shoes is an investment you can make to ensure your well-being.

It is a good idea to conduct some thorough studies on the internet or prioritize your application, and beware of buying inexpensive and common sneakers for running.

To make this job simpler for you, we have provided some key points to consider that you should consider when buying any kind of running shoe, we are sure you’ll be able to purchase the perfect running shoe to suit your needs.

  • Always prefer running shoes with a brand name

Don’t compromise on the quality of running shoes you purchase because only high-quality shoes can offer the needed foot support. Branded Shoes give you various features and are guaranteed your safety.

There are many kinds of running shoes for the most affordable prices, but you’ll need to endure the consequences of compromising top-quality running shoes.

  • The Build Quality

Make sure you purchase running shoes with good build quality, as it is essential from a safety point of perspective.

A high-quality running shoe offers the needed comfort and the best shoes for your feet that allows you to perform exercises like running without trouble.

Find a pair of running shoes that are made of sturdy construction material that is easy to wash and dry. They are flexible, lightweight, and more breathable.

The synthetic leather used in shoes is among the top. Avoid running shoes made of materials that can easily tear and can also absorb plenty of dirt.

  • The fitting of the shoes

It is crucial to be aware of the shoe fittings when purchasing running shoes.It should be noticed that your shoes must leave a bit of space for your toes so that your feet can move correctly.

It is vitally important that when you are running or jogging, your shoes are able to hold your feet. You should be protected from any type of injury.

  • The size of the running Shoes

A majority of people believe that all sizes of shoes are equal however this isn’t completely true. Each brand of shoe has its own specific shoe size that is different from the size of other brands.

For instance, if you purchase Nike shoes in size 8, then the size of the other brands of the same size may differ.

This is because every shoe manufacturer is responsible for different standards, including the feel of the shoes, the form of your foot as well as the stitching to create the shoe.

  • Choose Lightweight Running Shoes

When running, it’s recommended to purchase shoes that are light in weight. You should not wear shoes that weigh too much and cause problems during things like running or jogging.

If you’re planning to run for a long distance, then you should carry your shoes with you. Keep the above in mind purchase the right shoes that weigh enough to be able to support you, instead of becoming heavy and pulling you.

If you’re just starting running, it’s crucial to be aware of the weight of your shoes as you do not know the routine of walking in sneakers.

  • The sole of your shoes

On the marketplace, you can discover a wide range of running shoes or sports for sale at all prices however, the most effective running shoes are those that are designed with a soft and flexible cushioning sole.

Shoes that have the highest cushioning will give you the required ease of movement and comfort for your feet to ensure that you can finish your workout or run with ease.

  • Your Budget

Be aware of the cost of running shoes that you plan to purchase. The first step you need to consider the amount you can afford for the particular pair of running shoes.

Don’t buy shoes that go over the budget you have set. This is not to say that you should not sacrifice the quality of your shoes, but it is essential that any type of running shoes that you want to purchase should fit within your budget.


Everyone knows that you should put on shoes when running. In addition, it is equally essential to select a footwear that has a good cushioning fitting and grip on the ground as it prevents any injury to your joints and feet.

We hope that our list of Most Popular Running Shoes In India can help you when you are trying to choose the right kind of shoe to meet your budget and needs.

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