Best Oral Hygiene Products in India 2023

If you are looking for new dental products, in this article we provide you information that will hopefully save your money. Every product ensures complete testing and a bit of insightful advice. The products are chosen from our in-house dentists. You can always search for what you are looking for more specifically in the article “Best Oral Hygiene Products in India 2021.

Reasons Why You Need Good Dental Hygiene

You might have heard people saying that a smile is the most beautiful curve in a human. Nobody likes a smile with a bad odor or unhygienic teeth.

1) Good dental hygiene keeps the teeth and gums healthy. Genetics is a key role player in deciding to get a cavity. Regular brushes and preventive dental care helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Frequent brushing removes the plaque that causes tooth decay. With no tooth decay, you can always have healthy gum.

2) Regular visits to the dentist can help you with early notice of your dental health. You should visit your dentist every six months. You can detect a lot more than cavities from your mouth. A dentist by looking at your teeth will let you know if you have a vitamin deficiency, reflux, tooth grinding, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart problems, dementia, mental health issues, and oral cancers.

3) Good dental hygiene protects your body from certain diseases. Since your mouth is the place where the food enters, your mouth can be your source of various diseases to other parts of your body. For example, gingivitis is inflammation of gum which can lead to periodontist which is a serious infection that can cost you loosing of your teeth. Any infection that starts in your mouth is linked to higher complications such as asthma, arthritis, premature births, low birth babies, respiratory problems, coronary artery disease, stroke.

How to keep good dental hygiene?

So what you can do to avoid bad dental hygiene is:

  • Eat healthily and avoid sugary snacks
  • Say no to tobacco products
  • Proper rinsing of your mouth after meals
  • Brush twice a day
  • Protect your teeth with an athletic mouthguard
  • Apply sealant to your children’s teeth
  • Have regular dental exams
  • Use certified products especially those mentioned in the article.

Here is the list of the 15 best oral hygiene products

Product Name

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Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (Blue)

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash Liquid, Removes 99.9% Germs, 250ml Combo Pack of 3 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

QSHIXLE Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser Air technology Cords Tooth Pick Power Dental Cleaning Whitening Teeth Kit Power Floss Air Powered Dental Water Jet for Tooth Cleaner (White Coloured)

UrbanBotanics® Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder - Enamel Safe Teeth Whitener - Suitable for Sensitive teeth - 100g (Mint Flavor)

Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health, Antibacterial Toothpaste, 120gm + 120gm (Advanced Health, Saver Pack)

Sensodyne Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste: Repair & Protect Sensitive Toothpaste for daily repair, Dentist Recommended Brand, 100 gram

BiBamboo Adult Bamboo Toothbrush Black Soft

Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste, 300gm Saver Pack (Pack of 2)

BFresh Flossers 3 in 1 Mint Flavoured Dental Floss Picks with Tongue Cleaner for Fresh Breath and Healthy Gums (Apple Green)- 50 Pieces

ORACURA Smart Water Flosser OC001 with Protective Case | Portable and USB cable Rechargeable | IPX7 Waterproof | 3 Modes | Water Flossing for Home and Travel, Braces & Bridges Care, Blue tank

Trycone Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal Instant Teeth Whitening Powder,SLS and Fluoride Free,100% Natural

Kwik Mint - Sugar Free Cool Mint Mouth Freshener Oral Care Breath Strips

Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray

Dabur Red Paste - India's No.1 Ayurvedic Paste

Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (Blue) | 6 Operational Modes

The rechargeable electric toothbrush is powered by a superior sonic motor. It produces up to 40,000 micro brushes per minute. It is effectively helpful in loosening food particles that are stuck in the teeth. Manual toothbrush users are looking forward to upgrading to the rechargeable electric toothbrush. In this toothbrush, two types of bristles are found with which you can decide the pressure that suits you the best.


Caresmith SPARK produces up to 40,000 micro-brushes per minute.

at a single charge, you can use this for 20days.

Waterproof and super slim and light design.

 It requires a single charge of 4 hours which lasts up to 20 days. The auto-timer is designed for the user to remind to switch sides.


 It removes bacteria and stains very easily.

The bristles have a clever tooth web design that fits with the contours of your teeth and provides a comfortable cleaning experience.


The product is functional over recharge battery. You need to check the battery, before using it. The Care Smith’s Park toothbrush is featured with a smart auto timer that will switch off after every two minutes. But, sometimes it can be irritative

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash Liquid, Removes 99.9% Germs, 250ml

Listerine cool mint mouthwash liquid comes with four essential oils. It has Eucalyptol, Thymol, Oil Of Wintergreen, Menthol. It is important as it prevents blocks and promotes fresh breath.

It is said that brushing can miss 1 billion germs which can be covered up by the Listerine cool mint mouthwash. It prevents bleeding of gums and deposition of plaque. The minty flavor that settles in the mouth gives a clean vibe check, and you can feel your fresh odor.


 24-hour protection against germs.

Suitable for ages 12 and above


Listerine as a mouthwash reaches every part of your mouth and removes the 99.9% germs.

 The mouth wash with essential oil is formulated that penetrates the teeth to remove bacteria in plaque biofilm.

Listerine mouthwash gives fresh breath by providing 24 hours protection against germs causing gum problems.


After using the Listerine cool mint mouthwash you cannot eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.

It is suitable for ages above 12. So if you have a kid below 12 you cannot ask him to use the Listerine cool mint mouthwash.

If you love the minty flavor listing cool mint mouthwash is good for you. But if you do have a certain dislike or allergy to meant this product is not your first choice.

QSHIXLE Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Flosser Air technology Cords Tooth Pick Power Dental Cleaning Whitening Teeth Kit Power Floss Air Powered Dental Water Jet for Tooth Cleaner

The jet flosser jets away blocks, food debris, and bacteria from in between the teeth. Using water jet floss is much more effective and sensitive than strength loss. The ergonomically designed and low-profile tape reaches back of your teeth.


Ergonomic Design and Low Profile Tip Easily Reach Back Teeth

Helps remove more food than brushing with a powerful water jet

It is very easy to use: you need to just fill the water and then press the power towards the block that causes debris. The floss keeps your teeth sparkling clean with a power floss dental water jet.


It requires no batteries or cords.

It is designed for a low-profile tape to reach the back of your teeth and maintains all the areas of your teeth clean.


It may not give 100% results to people who are wearing braces.

For a second time use, you always have to throw out the fluid inside the Hydro floss. You need to use warm water to clean the floss and then wipe it dry.

UrbanBotanics® Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – Enamel Safe Teeth Whitener – Suitable for Sensitive teeth – 100g (Mint Flavor)

Urban Botanix charcoal teeth whitening powder whiten your teeth with the power of activated coconut charcoal. It is your best friend for detoxifying your mouth, removing bad breath, and polishing the stains quickly and easily. A dab or a brushstroke leaves your teeth whiter without sensitivity associated.


Naturally, the brilliant formula eliminates stains.

Using UrbanBotanics® Activated Charcoal powder to whiten your teeth is easy.

It is again a mint flavor. If you love the mint flavor, you will definitely love it. Mint will give you a clean, germ-free, fresh mouth odor.


It does not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, or color.

The activated charcoal powder eliminates stains caused by coffee wine and other food. The product is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.


The box looks small and lasts about only 250 uses. Calculating twice a day usage, it won’t last for more than two months.

While using it you need to use a manual brush so there are chances that your bristles may look untidy.

Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health, Antibacterial Toothpaste, 120gm + 120gm (Advanced Health, Saver Pack)

Colgate’s total advanced health is regarded as the best antibacterial toothpaste that fights germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. It gives your whole mouth protection for over 12 hours. Unlike ordinary toothpaste, it is the certified by Indian dental association.


Whole mouth protection for 12 hrs.

100% vegetarian, sugar-free and gluten-free.

However, for the children’s usage, it is recommended that you should supervise them.


The toothpaste has dual sink arginine technology and actively seeks out bacteria.

 It fights bacteria from the mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

It is a hundred percent vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free.


The Colgate total advanced health toothpaste should be used in a Pea size for adults. This tells us that too much of the toothpaste is somewhat harmful to the human. The toothpaste is advised to be used for 2 minutes only.

It is not suitable for children below six years as it needs proper adult supervision

Sensodyne Sensitive Toothpaste

Tooth sensitivity is commonly known as root sensitivity or dentin sensitivity. This is a condition where your gums lose their support to the tooth base, thus causing sensitivity. The roots of teeth are exposed to all factors such as hot or cold foods and drinks.

If you want sensitivity relief you must try Sensodyne Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste, a highly dentist-recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth.


For best results, brush for two minutes, twice daily (morning and evening).


Helps to repair sensitive areas of the teeth

Strengthens Your teeth and prevents tooth decay

Novamin, a clinically proven formulation, helps to repair sensitive areas with the natural building blocks of teeth.


Strong taste

Not Recommended for under 12 years children.

BiBamboo Adult Bamboo Toothbrush Black Soft

Environment-friendly toothbrush, naturally made by using bio-degradable anti-bacterial bamboo,100 % BPA free and for safe use.


Eco-Friendly SOFT Bamboo Toothbrush best for oral hygiene.


Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use .

Reduce the usage of plastics especially in oral care

Best For sensitive gums.


No negative feedback of this toothbrush we found.

Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste

In India, salt is a mostly usable mineral for oral hygiene. An Anti-cavity toothpaste manufactured by Famous brand Colgate provides us healthy gums and teeth.


Anti-cavity toothpaste

Minty flavour gives long-lasting fresh breath.

It helps to stimulate saliva in your mouth, which helps in protecting the teeth against bacteria and acidity.


A unique formula of salt micro crystals provides gums and teeth stronger and extremely healthy.

Removes plaque and yellowness of teeth

Minty flavor that gives you a fresher breath

Gets rid of bacteria.

100% vegan


Children below 6 years of age should have adult supervision

It is a little expensive.

Fluoride-free toothpaste

BFresh Flossers 3 in 1 Mint Flavoured Dental Floss Picks with Tongue Cleaner for Fresh Breath and Healthy Gums

Dental floss is a good accessory for your oral care is designed to help remove plaque from areas between your teeth that are not cleaned by a toothbrush.


Helps reduce plaque build-up slides easily between teeth stimulates gums.

1 pack contains 50 dental flosses

It helps to promote healthy gums.

It removes plaque and food particles between the teeth and Helps to prevent gum disease.


BFresh Dental Floss Picks – 50 Pcs for long uses.

3 in 1 Mint Flavoured Dental Floss Picks with Tongue Cleaner for Fresh Breath and Healthy Gums (Apple Green).



It has a short shelf life.


ORACURA Smart Water Flosser OC001 with Protective Case 

High thin water flows approx 0.6mm to remove bacteria and removes up to 99.9% of the plaque. its flossing speed is very great and best for home water flossing at home.


Improve Gum Health

Ideal for Braces

Deep Teeth Cleaning

3 operation modes

  1. Soft mode – for first time users
  2. Normal Mode – for advanced cleaning
  3. Pulse mode-comfortably massages gums

It has a 360° rotary nozzle for easy control of water flow to reach all areas of the mouth.


Best for oral hygiene

Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to 7-8 days on regular use.

Best For orthodontic braces.


little precious than other oral hygiene products.

Trycone Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal Instant Teeth Whitening Powder

Trycone Next Generation Brand uses food-grade natural charcoal power which helps to remove bad breath, kill bacteria and remove stains.


It helps in strengthening the enamel, improving gum health, and freshening breath.

Helps in Halitosis treatment, Bleeding Gums Treatment, and Oral diseases.

Use it once or twice daily.


  • Contains 100% natural activated coconut shell charcoal powder.
  • it healps Whitens teeth and removes plaque and stains.
  • Gentle, natural, and safe for everyday use, and is suitable for the whole family.
  • Free from Fluoride, and Bleach.


100% Natural ingredients used in the formulation.

Best for instant whitening of teeth.

It works efficiently on sensitive teeth.


High-cost oral product.

For better results, you should use this product for a long time.

Kwik Mint – Sugar Free Cool Mint Mouth Freshener Breath Strips

If you want instant fresh breath then you should try kwik mint breath strips. packs of 2 contain 176 sugar-free cool mint strips.


No sugar added and alcohol

instant dissolve strip in mouth

long-lasting freshness

Helps you maintain oral hygiene

Kills more than 99% of smell-causing germs

Helps remove bad breath.

Premium Strong & Effective Cool Mint Mouth Freshener Strips to address After Smoke & all forms of Bad Breath.


Instant action delivers a highly intense mint blast.

Advanced patented technology that delivers freshness instantly after it’s consumed.

Easy to use

Best For smokers



Strong taste

Colgate Vedshakti Mouth Protect Spray

Natural Mouth Spray by a leading brand Colgate helps protect your mouth by killing germs instantly, anytime, anywhere.


This Spray kills germs

loaded with the essence of clove, mint, fennel seeds, and star anise.

A compact bottle that you can easily carry in your bag.

This product is 100% vegetarian.

This breath freshener comes with a pleasant Sauf flavor that provides long-lasting freshness
Spray directly in the mouth 4-5 times a day – Before you step out, after meals.


Long-lasting freshness

Natural and safe to use

More than 100 spays for use from one bottle.


This product is not sugarfree


Dabur Red Paste

Dabar Red Paste-A complete Ayurvedic Oral Care toothpaste contains ingredients such as Laung, pudina, and Tomar. its formulation is based on a combination of ayurvedic and modern pharmaceutical technology.


Fluoride-free toothpaste

Eliminate Bad Breath, Remove Plaque

Clinically tested formula for the prevention of bad breath, toothache, and dental diseases. 


Benefits-Anti-Bacterial, Cavity Protection, Eliminates Bad Breath, Gingivitis Prevention.

Vegetarian product.


The taste is a bit stronger than other toothpaste.

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Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral-B VITALITY 100 Blue from the #1 brand recommended by dentists and uses 2D cleaning technology to clean your teeth thoroughly.


2D cleaning action oscillates and rotates 8000 rotations per minute for better plaque removal.

2-minute timer for better brushing.

long battery life up to 8hrs

If you are searching for Best Oral Hygiene Products in India 2021 than you should try oral-B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered By Braun.


Advanced and safe electric brush

From the first day, you will feel whiteness in your teeth

Lightweight and simple to use

The vibration pauses every 30 seconds to change the area



The cover needed to cover the brush top head.

To wrap up

It is always wonderful to look at a completely healthy smile. We often choose to talk to people who have better oral hygiene without any bad odor. So above are the certified products that should be used to take care of your oral hygiene. Do not neglect your teeth because they are the first visible sign of any disease that is happening in your body. So it is recommended to keep your oral hygiene clean and healthy.

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