How to Identify Good Quality Almonds?

In today’s busy life, we all are unable to pay attention to our health. In such a situation, we all need a diet that keeps us healthy and fit. To keep ourselves healthy and fit, we all include many things in our diet. One of the important things to be taken in a healthy diet is almonds.

Almond is a type of nut that is produced in cold places. Almond is the most consumed nut in the world. It is produced in very few places. For this reason, the price of almonds remains high in the market. A lot of nutritional value is found in almonds. For this reason, even after being more expensive, it is used more.

Nutritional Value of Almonds

Many nutrients are found in almonds, which are very useful for our health. Antioxidants, vitamin E, protein, and fiber are found in very good quantities in almonds.

Apart from these, almonds also contain fat, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B-1and phosphorus.

According to Food Data Central of U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, almond’s Nutritional value is as given below – 100gm almonds contains

Energy579 kcal
Fiber, total dietary12.5g
Calcium, Ca269mg
Magnesium, Mg270mg
Phosphorus, P481mg

Benefits of Eating Almonds

Almond is very useful for our health. By eating almonds daily, we get many health benefits such as –

  1. Consuming almonds daily helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  2. Consuming almonds also increases the metabolic rate of the body.
  3. Daily consumption of almonds can easily meet the body’s requirement for protein, vitamin E, and antioxidants.
  4. By consuming almonds, the level of blood sugar in the body is also controlled, so that diabetes can be easily balanced.
  5. Heart-related diseases can also be avoided by consuming almonds daily.

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Types of Almonds

Nowadays many types of almonds are available in the market. We can choose almonds according to our requirements and budget. The different types of almonds available in the market are as follows –

  • California Pepper Shell Almonds

This almond is widely used in the world. The quantity of carbohydrates and sugar is very less found in this almond.

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  • Non-peril almonds

Nonpareil almonds are a popular variety of almonds. It is long, flat, and beautiful in appearance.

  • Mamra Almond

Mamra almonds are a premium variety of almonds. These almonds are small in appearance. Fat and sugar are found in very good quantities in Mamra almonds.

  • Gurbandi Almonds

Omega 3 and Vitamin E are found in very good quantities in Gurbandi almonds. The kernel of this almond is very small and its taste is also less sweet.

  • Shalimar Almonds

Shalimar almonds are long and pointed. Apart from this, fiber is found in very good quantity in it.

  • Pranayaj Almonds

Pranayaj almonds are mostly used in making flour and milk. This almond is used very little for normal eating.

  • Sonora Almonds

All the nutrients are found in very high quantities in Sonora almonds. That’s why these almonds are very good for your health.

  • Peerless almonds

These almonds are used for oil extraction. Fatty acids are present in a very good amount.

  • Fritz Almonds

Fritz almonds are small and round in shape. All the nutrients are found in proper quantity in these almonds.

  • Butter almonds

Butter almonds are small in size, round and thick. This almond is very good for our health and skin.

These are the ten varieties of almonds that are most commonly seen in the market. Apart from these, other types of almonds are also available in the market. You can take almonds as per your convenience and requirement. Apart from this, while buying almonds from the market, keep in mind that you buy only good quality almonds.

Why Choose Good Quality Almonds

Almond is one of the most expensive nuts available in the market. Along with this, almonds are very beneficial for health. If we consume bad almonds then it is harmful for us. There are many other reasons why we should buy good quality almonds from the market, such as –

  1. Good quality almonds are delicious to eat and are also good for our health. Same if we consume bad quality almonds then it can be harmful to our health.
  2. Good quality almonds can be easily stored at home for several months. There is no problem with them.
  3. Same if we store bad quality almonds then their taste becomes bitter and a bad smell also starts coming from almonds.
  4. All the nutrients are found in very good quantity in good quality almonds. As almonds begin to spoil, their nutritional value also starts decreasing.
  5. By eating good quality almonds, our body gets rid of various diseases. Same if we eat bad quality almonds then our body gets surrounded by many types of diseases.

How to Identify  Good Quality Almonds

There are many types of almonds in front of us in the market. In such a situation, the main problem that comes in front of us is how do we identify good quality almonds. How do we find out from different types of almonds whether this almond is good or not?

We are telling you how you can choose good quality almonds from different types of almonds.

Keep these things in mind while identifying good quality almonds in the market –

  • Packing

Whenever you buy almonds in the market, always keep in mind that you buy only almonds with good packing. Apart from this, also keep in mind whether all the relevant information about almonds is given on the packet of almonds or not.

  • Check expiry date

Always check the expiry date while buying almonds. Never buy expiry-date almonds.

Apart from this, you should always try to buy such almonds whose expiry date is after about six months. So that you can easily store almonds for some time.

  • Do not buy loose almonds

Always buy well-packed almonds from the market. Never buy loose almonds from the market, because almonds lose their freshness when exposed to air for a long time. If you want to eat fresh almonds, then buy only well-packed almonds.

  • Size and shape

While buying almonds, do check their size and shape. Always buy only those almonds which are good in appearance, their size and shape should be according to their variety. If you do not choose the right almonds, then you may not get good-quality almonds.

  • Smell the almonds

Must smell them while buying almonds. By smelling it, you can easily tell whether these almonds are fresh or not. If smelling almonds, they smell like nail paint or plastic containers, then do not buy such almonds at all. bad almonds smell like this.

  • Oil check

While buying almonds, always pay attention that whatever almonds you are buying, the amount of oil in it should be high. Whenever you buy almonds, break an almond and try to crush it with your hand. If oil comes on your hand then these almonds are fresh. If no oil of any kind comes on the hand when the almonds are crushed, then the almonds are very old. Do not buy such almonds at all.

  • Humidity test

The moisture content in fresh almonds is very less. If the almonds are old for a long time, then the amount of moisture in them will also be high.

To check the amount of moisture in almonds, you can also try eating almonds.

  • Almond color

While buying almonds, look at their color carefully. If the skin of the almond is dark brown then it is fake. Avoid buying such almonds.

The peel of real and good-quality almonds is light brown in color. Apart from this, the peel of almonds is also very thin. Keep this in mind while buying almonds.

  • Polish check

Nowadays, polished almonds are available in large quantities in the market. To make almonds look good and beautiful, they are polished. Whenever you buy almonds from the market, rub them with your hands. If any kind of color comes on your hand then those almonds are polished. Avoid buying such almonds. Always try to buy almonds without color because colored almonds have harmful effects on your health.

  • Unroasted almonds

These days roasted almonds are also available in the market. Roasted almonds look delicious to eat. For this reason, their demand is increasing in the market. Almonds lose their nutrients after roasting. That’s why you buy and use unroasted almonds only. So that you can get all the nutrients of almonds.

  • Consider the need

Whenever you buy almonds from the market, always keep your requirement in mind. Buy only the variety of almonds you need. At the same time, buy only the quantity of almonds you need. Buying almonds in large quantities will require you to store them. If you do not store almonds properly, they will lose their freshness.


There are many types of almonds available in the market. You must keep these things in mind while buying them so that you do not face any kind of problem.

If you buy good quality almonds then it will be good for both your health and budget. If you buy bad quality almonds, both your health and budget will have to face trouble.

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FAQs-How to Identify Good Quality Almonds?

Is taste a reliable indicator of good-quality almonds?

Absolutely. Good quality almonds have a mildly sweet and buttery flavor. Avoid almonds that taste bitter, overly bland, or have an unpleasant aftertaste.

How can I identify good-quality almonds?

Here are some key factors to consider when identifying good quality almonds:
1. Appearance
2. Texture
3. Size and shape
4. Smell
5. Taste
6. Packaging

Which country produces the best almonds?

United States of America – the country accounts for 55.38% of total world Almond production. 

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