Best Personal Weighing Machines India 2023

Best Weighing Machines for Personal Use India:- Nowadays, when people have few hours to schedule regular health checks, it is crucial to have a weighing device at home to keep track of things. A weighing machine can help you determine whether you should make an effort to shed several pounds to get to the weight you want to achieve.

In this comprehensive list of items, let’s go over the Best Personal Weighing Machines in India, which will assist you in determining which one to purchase.

Best Weight Machine Brand in India

Hoffen (India) Digital Electronic Weighing Scale

Omron HN 289 Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Venus (India) Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Machine

Top Best Personal Weighing Machines India

Hoffen (India) Digital Electronic LCD Personal Health Body Fitness Weighing Scale

The Hoffen Digital Weighing Scale is equipped with the most recent strain gauge sensor with the precision that displays the body weight with precision. The robust bearing platform in a sleek black colour is made of high-quality Glass that is tempered. It features a compact design that allows for quick storage.

The scale has a huge display displaying the weight and temperature. It has an auto shut-off feature and an indicator for low battery levels. The digital scale can handle the weight range of 2.3 kg up to 180kg. Additionally, it has an indicator that alerts you to the issue of being overweight.


  • Weigh up to 150 kg.
  • Large LCD
  • Brand warranty
  • It utilizes a metal button battery
  • Long battery life
  • Blue backlight


  • No doorstep warranties

Omron HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine 

Omron HN 289 is the Best Personal Weighing machine. It weighs a long-lasting, and reliable weigher for less than the price of Rs. 1500. The maximum capacity for carrying this scale is 150kg.

It is equipped with four high-quality sensors that assist in providing accurate weight readings and allows readings to be displayed in three different measurement unit sizes (Kg, LB, and ST). Furthermore, this machine has an automated switch that can be turned off, making it a more energy-efficient device.

Additionally, it has a crystal-clear LCD and gives clear readings in black font. Also, its Glass is tempered with an anti-slip design to ensure you won’t slip. The company offers a one-year warranty for the weigh scale.


  • Weigh up to 150 kg.
  • Large LCD
  • Brand warranty
  • Utilizes a metal button battery
  • Long battery life


  • There is no backlight on display.
  • No doorstep warranties

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr Trust electronic weighing machine is a stylish, durable, and well-constructed weight scale for sale at less than the price of Rs. 1500. It can support up to 180 kg or 400lbs weight. It comes with an Accu-gauge sensor, a patent-pending technology that offers high-quality weight readings in a flash.

It’s protected by the low battery and overload indicators, so if the battery gets depleted, it will alert you that it is time to charge. If the weight is higher than the machine’s capacity, it sounded. Furthermore, this weighing machine comes with an auto-calibrated platform and auto-on/off systems that conserve the battery’s percentage and give you the most accurate information.

This weighing device is USB compatible and displays the temperature of the room.

The platform is constructed of solid tempered Glass that measures 6 mm with a stylish grey finish and an LCD with a blue backlight designed to match any decor. In addition, if you have children in your house, there is no need to worry about their safety because this weighing device’s corners are smooth.


  • Sturdy; Sleek
  • The Accu-gauge Sensor technology backs it
  • It supports USB and displays the temperature of the room.
  • It comes with auto-on/off technology.


  • Error message frequently appears on the screen.

Venus (India) Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Machine Weighing Scales

The weight machine has an advanced sensor that will give you the most precise results with virtually no room for error. Venus Digital Weight Machine is also very light and compact, which makes it very easy to transport. The auto-shutoff sensor turns the machine off without needing to perform it manually.

Its design is sleek and elegant, equipped with an LCD screen that reflects the weight with the effect of backlighting to give an unobstructed view. Additionally, the machine’s robust design and skid-proofed legs guarantee longevity for a long time.


  • Ultra-thin tempered glass body
  • Safety with no sharp edges
  • Light, compact, and easy to carry
  • Display LCD with backlight blue
  • Room temperatures and results


  • None

How is a personal weighing device work?

A personal weighing device is a fantastic way to monitor your body weight and composition. It’s easy to use it is also possible to weigh yourself each day for a precise reading. It is also possible to track your growth throughout the day.

What are the advantages of a personal weighing machine?

The advantages of using an individual weight machine are numerous. The most obvious advantage is that it will aid you in losing weight. A personal weighing device is a great tool to track your progress and ensure you meet your objectives. It can also help you keep to your fitness and diet program since you will see the results quickly.

Another benefit of having an individual weighing machine is that it will assist you in keeping your weight loss going. If used properly, an individual weighing machine will help you manage the number of calories you consume and your expenditure. It will also help maintain your weight loss in time.

A personal weighing machine may provide additional health benefits, including increased blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels. 

Types of Weighing Machines & Their Function

They can be used for a variety of purposes. People check their weight daily, while others use it to weigh items. Weighing devices are sometimes accused of needing to be more accurate.

These machines are susceptible to mechanical stress, which can cause the components to go into chaos. For exact results, investing in a quality and calibrated weight scale is essential.

It is also essential to choose a weighing system according to the purpose. Knowing the various types of weighing equipment and their functions, you can select the one that is best for you.

  • Digital Weighing Machine

The most well-known kind of machine has a huge amount of popularity in the marketplace. These models are more accurate and also simpler to comprehend. They have an enormous LCD display to show the weight. Batteries power the digital weighing devices. Other functions include memory function and auto shutdown, and so on.

  • Electronic Weighing Machines

The other type is the electronic one. They are connected to the power socket to display the weight and are commonly found in shopping malls and stores. They deliver more effective results. Other features include auto shutdown in addition to overload safety.

  • Weight machines that weigh smartly

Smart weighing devices also provide information like BMI, body fat percentage, and more. These kinds of devices are perfect for those seeking an expert weight scale. These types of scales are perfect for professionals and health-conscious individuals. They also have other features like Bluetooth pairing as well as bodyweight sensors.

How to Choose the Best Personal Weighing Machines in India?

Selecting the most suitable weight machine is easy, but you must consider a few aspects when making your choice.

  • Max Weight:

Most products have a 150 to 180 kg weight capacity. The ones with greater capacity are more robust. Graduation is essential to achieve exact results. It is recommended to choose machines that have graduation between 50 and 100gms.

  • Longevity:

Check the build quality to ensure the device will last long. A weighing machine is a long-time investment, so the machine is expected to last many years. It is recommended to stay clear of plastic. Tempered Glass is the preferred material used for weight machines. It is strong and shatterproof. Glass is also water resistant, allowing the machine to withstand humid environments.

  • Display size:

The display should give clear information when standing on the machine that weighs you. With a clear and spacious display, bending or kneeling is no requirement.

  • Ample Platform:

There must be enough space to allow the user to stand on both feet. Those with big feet should also be capable of standing on the machine with ease.

  • Weighting Units:

The kilogram is the most popular unit, but if you need to calculate weight in pounds, you must look into the supported units. Nowadays, most devices support various units. Users can select the measurement unit following their preferences.

  • Portability:

The equipment should be portable. It is one of the most important factors in weighing machines. They are portable and simple to move.


The weighing machines are regarded as your top choice when it comes to weight loss or when it comes to checking your health. The weight change in your physique is among the first signs your body begins to show, which could be related to your health.

Therefore, having a personal weight machine is among the most beneficial options to keep at home for keeping track of the weight of your body and general weight any time you need to. In the article” Top 4 Best Personal Weighing Machines in India“, We’ve tried highlighting our top choices along with the extensive buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice.

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